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Sinister Weekly - Week of February 15-22

As promised, here's my first weekly post.

It's been a month since we moved to Portland, and I'm still convinced that we made the right move. Quite a bit has changed about how we go about our everyday lives. I hardly drive anymore, which is a blessing. I actually hate driving in this city, especially in the Alphabet District and downtown. At intersections where there is no stop light, but there is a crosswalk, cars have absolutely no defined time when it's "their turn" to go. If traffic clears so that you can turn, but there is a gaggle of pedestrians about to cross the street, you have to wait. Then, by the time the pedestrians have wandered across the street, you've lost your chance to turn anyway. Then, when you finally get to your destination, there's never anywhere to park. It's extremely frustrating, and it's why I hardly drive anywhere anymore. Luckily, this city is extremely walkable and the public transit system is fantastic. W…

Sinister Weekly

Long time readers of Sinister (all 3 or so of you) will have noticed a sharp drop in posting volume over the past month. As I've explained in previous posts, my new life in Portland is making it very difficult for me to find time to blog. I'm too damned tired when I get home from work, and my weekends are packed with, well, the kinds of exciting activities outside in the real world that I dreamed about when I was bored stiff in Tulsa. This upcoming weekend, for example, we're thinking of taking a road trip to the coast. How cool is that?

All that being said, I still think that it's important for me to keep this blog going. Therefore, I'm going to transform Sinister into a weekly blog. I'll do one post per week, most likely on the weekends, in which I'll expound on whatever has piqued my interest over the past seven days. Happy Friday posts and Monday loldogs are probably not going to come back, though I may post a funny video or random thing every so …

Still alive.

Still alive, just busy. I have a day off today, which is nice, so I'm relaxing a bit. Just completed the three hour Oregon notary public course, which is something my boss wanted me to do, so there's that. Dog's at the vet getting her teeth cleaned. I think I'm going to go out for some groceries in a bit. Other than that, things is quiet.

On the political front:

-I'm cautiously optimistic about the stimulus package.
-I'm not sure what the hell is happening with Roland Burris now.
-I'm glad that the police aren't going to charge Michael Phelps with anything - really, the only proof they have is a photo of him holding something that isn't illegal in itself, but can be used for the consumption of an illegal substance. Without proof of the presence of the illegal substance, what can they charge him with?
-I'm a little annoyed that Randi Rhodes is having another tiff with a radio network and has taken her show off the air again. Not sure what'…

Happy...oh whatever, these video posts will happen when they happen...

For those of you who grew up in the '80s, I present you one of my favorite cartoons:

About the Michael Phelps thing.

So here's the situation as I understand it. Someone published a photo of Michael Phelps holding a device that is often used for smoking marijuana. Let's break that down for a second.

1) It was a photograph.

2) He was holding a device.

3) There was no actual marijuana anywhere in evidence.

So, we've got a photograph of a guy holding a thing.

How, exactly, is that damning evidence of Michael Phelps OMGWTFBBQ smoking TEH WEEDZORS????!!?! Besides Phelps actually, um, admitting to having smoked marijuana, that is.

And, besides, even if he was smoking some kine bud, so the hell what? The dude's an amazing god damned athlete. If he can do what he does and get stoned occasionally, the guy deserves even more medals.

Leave the poor guy alone. Sheesh.

You know what, McDonalds?

I'm glad you're serving cappuccinos and espressos.

But I'm getting a little fucking tired of anti-intellectualism in our culture. It shouldn't be a bad thing to be smart, to read a book, to know something about culture, to enjoy things other than football and American Idol. We should leave that kind of bullshit thinking behind with the failed Bush regime where it belongs.

What the Christ is going on

with all of these Obama nominees having tax issues? Yeesh...

Part Deux - Our First Week in Portland

We spent much of the weekend getting our stuff into a reasonable semblance of order. Having ditched our long dying 20 year old particleboard Ikea bookcases in Tulsa (that had made it from France to Tulsa and through quite a few moves within Tulsa, but that were clearly not up to the task of moving cross country), we no longer had space for the many boxes of books we refuse to part with. We still don't, but we're looking at options. In the meantime, though, we have one big stack of boxes left to unpack.

Our apartment is in a fantastic neighborhood full of shops and restaurants, and only minutes from downtown. My partner got a job in the suburbs, so he takes the car to work. I got a job downtown, so I take Max. Thus far, it's working well. The dog is adjusting to her new walking routine and all of the interesting and wonderful new people, other dogs, and smells that permeate her new domain. I think she's even figuring out how the elevator works. What's this, …

Part One - the drive.

Much has happened since we last spoke. I've moved halfway across the country. The country has moved into a new age of ...well, we'll have to wait and see, won't we? And something else has moved, because this type of literary construction works best in threes. The funny thing is, both of the first two things started on the same day.

We set out for Portland from Tulsa on January 20th in a rented moving truck and a station wagon, our goal for that day the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. My dad had a guide to finding NPR stations all over the country, so we wouldn't miss the inauguration. He and my partner were in the truck; I was driving the car, with the dog in the passenger seat, the cat in her carrier sitting basically on the console, and the Betta fish in Tupperware on the floor of the back seat. We switched drivers and vehicles frequently during the trip.

I quickly realized that the broken antenna on our station wagon would cause me to lose stations rapidly. …