Announcing Write Sinister - a new podcast!

Alright, I'm going to start a podcast. And I'd like to read some of your stuff on it! I can't pay you anything, and at first, your stuff will just be thrown into the cosmic aether, unnoticed and unrecognized, as is the case with any podcast starting out. But who knows what might develop in the future?

So send me:

-Stories 3,000 words or under.

-Stories that break genre conventions. Elves and flying cars. Dragons and spaceships. Dungeons and cyborgs. Magic and time travel. Funny noir detective fiction involving imps and alternate universes and a guy named Steve who has three heads. Stories involving a society of sentient cheese. Examples? Read China Mieville, H.P. Lovecraft, Terry Pratchett, Jeff Vandermeer. Listen to Welcome to Night Vale.

-No restrictions on language - say f*ck as many times as you'd like, as long as it's clever. Just make your story grammatically correct and typo-free.

-Let me know how you want me to credit you - name, contact info if you want, copyr…


I'm pondering starting a podcast.  I've been listening to a lot of them lately, especially Cthulhu & Friends, which is a group of people playing a Lovecraftian tabletop game, and I mean, it's so incredibly geeky I can't stand it and I can't stop listening to it. (WARNING: Be aware that Cthulhu & Friends is an "explicit" podcast, and the "explicit" tag is extremely well deserved.  Extremely).

Anyway, I'm pondering starting a podcast.  My initial idea is to have it focus on cross-genre sci-fi/fantasy writing.  I'd read some of my stuff, and then ask you, the three people who read this blog, to send me stuff to read.  I'd also talk about writing and my thoughts relating thereto.  That's kind of all I have right now.  Name ideas - "SinisterCast?"


Cyberpunk fantasy - or how I learned to stop worrying and combine magic and technology

The short story collection I'm working on takes place in a world I've been working on creating for quite a while. It's not Earth, but it's not a defined "alien" world colonized by humans. It's just another place, like Discworld or Narnia or Westeros. So that makes it fantasy rather than sci fi, right? Also, there's magic in it.

But the world also contains modern/futuristic technology - flying cars, computers, gadgets and gizmos, digital teeth, all of which are powered and operated by a combination of straight up technology and a little bit of magic. Examples:

-Buildings are hexed to be "bigger on the inside" (yes, like Doctor Who but with magic) 

-One of my main characters practices "datamancy," the act of using magic to hack computer systems - she summons "daemons" to infiltrate data systems, crack code, and the like. I'm still figuring out how all that works.

-My main PI character can take an image he has in his mind of…

My resolution for 2017

A Resolution

I hereby resolve to blur the lines between fiction and reality, to break through dimensional walls, to mess with space-time, to turn the multiverse upside down and shake out its pockets to find its secret stash. I will know the unknowable, eff the ineffable, evit the inevitable, and tang the intangible truths of the cosmos. This I vow in my own name. Signed in the presence of a notary made of sentient fog.

New year - here's what I'm up to

Went to a writing meetup tonight and wrote 1700 words of a brand new short story. So what I've got now is: 1) a world that I've created and have a pretty good sense of, and 2) two really good characters, and so I can start pounding out short stories within that framework. The adventures of Rex Jaxon, private eye, and Jasmine Orpeth (her last name still under debate), master hacker and datamancer, in the sci-fantasy world of Allanaland (name still under debate), a world where magic and technology coexist and where I shamelessly attempt to ape the humor of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett within a "weird-slipstream" cross-genre thingamajig inspired by the mad surrealistic genius of China Mieville (a genius I could never hope to even begin to approach).

Edited to add:

A little more detail.

I've been working on world-building for a while now, first creating Chelandia, where my latest stalled novel takes place, and then modifying Chelandia into something a little le…

New writing exercise/game! - "Random Object Generator"

Alright- new game. Give me the name of a fictional object. Just the name. For example, "Whirling flooper." I will then describe said object in a hopefully clever and amusing paragraph. For example, "A whirling flooper is a tool for untangling twisted lengths of garden hose using an electromechanical application of the time-tested method of just flinging the damned hose around and cursing at it until it untangles itself."

Another example:  "Wheel rats. Wheel rats were a briefly innovative solution to the age-old problem of having to replace all four tires at once on an all wheel drive vehicle. Wheel rats would be placed inside of each tire and would be trained to automatically patch any punctures with a special sticky solution that they would excrete from special glands that had been genetically engineered into their forepaws. Unfortunately, all wheel rats quickly suffocated and died upon placement into the tires, which rendered the whole experiment pointless an…

75 word story

Here's a 75 word story I wrote for this writing forum.  The subject is "Outsiders."


Ponyboy glanced out the window. There were so many new skyscrapers that Tulsa’s art deco skyline was swallowed up.

He glanced down again. No new messages.

Maybe Darry and Sodapop didn’t make it. The sales guy had warned them of the risks, but there was no dissuading Darry.

So here Ponyboy sat, a hundred and fifty years from home, and alone in a way that nobody else on the planet could ever be.