Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sinister Weekly

Long time readers of Sinister (all 3 or so of you) will have noticed a sharp drop in posting volume over the past month. As I've explained in previous posts, my new life in Portland is making it very difficult for me to find time to blog. I'm too damned tired when I get home from work, and my weekends are packed with, well, the kinds of exciting activities outside in the real world that I dreamed about when I was bored stiff in Tulsa. This upcoming weekend, for example, we're thinking of taking a road trip to the coast. How cool is that?

All that being said, I still think that it's important for me to keep this blog going. Therefore, I'm going to transform Sinister into a weekly blog. I'll do one post per week, most likely on the weekends, in which I'll expound on whatever has piqued my interest over the past seven days. Happy Friday posts and Monday loldogs are probably not going to come back, though I may post a funny video or random thing every so often.

For now, my martini and I are going to take it easy and watch some television. Take care, be excellent to each other, and I'll be back to fill you with Sinistery goodness this weekend.

Much love.