Monday, February 16, 2009

Still alive.

Still alive, just busy. I have a day off today, which is nice, so I'm relaxing a bit. Just completed the three hour Oregon notary public course, which is something my boss wanted me to do, so there's that. Dog's at the vet getting her teeth cleaned. I think I'm going to go out for some groceries in a bit. Other than that, things is quiet.

On the political front:

-I'm cautiously optimistic about the stimulus package.
-I'm not sure what the hell is happening with Roland Burris now.
-I'm glad that the police aren't going to charge Michael Phelps with anything - really, the only proof they have is a photo of him holding something that isn't illegal in itself, but can be used for the consumption of an illegal substance. Without proof of the presence of the illegal substance, what can they charge him with?
-I'm a little annoyed that Randi Rhodes is having another tiff with a radio network and has taken her show off the air again. Not sure what's happening there, but I was looking forward to listening to her on my day off.
-I'm still in favor of puppies.
-I'm still opposed to razor sharp spikes through the navel.
-I'm still ambivalent about arm hair.