Saturday, February 7, 2009

About the Michael Phelps thing.

So here's the situation as I understand it. Someone published a photo of Michael Phelps holding a device that is often used for smoking marijuana. Let's break that down for a second.

1) It was a photograph.

2) He was holding a device.

3) There was no actual marijuana anywhere in evidence.

So, we've got a photograph of a guy holding a thing.

How, exactly, is that damning evidence of Michael Phelps OMGWTFBBQ smoking TEH WEEDZORS????!!?! Besides Phelps actually, um, admitting to having smoked marijuana, that is.

And, besides, even if he was smoking some kine bud, so the hell what? The dude's an amazing god damned athlete. If he can do what he does and get stoned occasionally, the guy deserves even more medals.

Leave the poor guy alone. Sheesh.