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BOK Center to feature local restaurants

Tulsa's new onion arena will feature local restaurants instead of fast food chains:

So, when the arena opens in September vendors will include: In the Raw, Billy's On the Square, Oklahoma Style BBQ, Te Kei's, Rubicon Restaurant, Mazzio's and Borden Dairy.

All tasty restaurants. Right on.

Can Obama win Oklahoma??

Thanks to Okiedoke for pointing this out:

6/09 - 6/11, McCain 52% Obama 38%
- Research 2000

4/01 - 4/10, McCain 62% Obama 21%
- Cole Hargrave Snodgrass & Assoc

Can we?

EDIT: I should have copied the whole post. Changed above.

Monday loldog

see more dog pictures

Happy Friday

This video is not safe for work.

SCOTUS overturns DC gun ban - local connection

The Supreme Court overturned Washington DC's sweeping ban on handguns today, ruling that the 2nd amendment applies not just to "state militias" but to individuals who wish to own guns.

This is an interesting ruling in light of a recent home invasion robbery in Tulsa that turned deadly when the intruder used the couple's own handgun against them.

Alright, I won't extrapolate that one incident into a screed against the right to own handguns, as I once would have. But it is a cautionary tale. A handgun in the house is much more likely to be used against the owner of the gun than against an intruder.

I don't know. I've always been conflicted about the 2nd amendment. Back in my radical days, I favored abolishing the 2nd amendment completely, not realizing that doing so would disband the National Guard.

The civil libertarian in me wants people to have the right to own guns, but the social democrat concerned with the common good wants to make sure that the right…

The Origin of Love

Just a great song from a great movie:

CD1 has candidates!

Oklahoma's Congressional District 1 has two candidates vying to replace John Sullivan: Georgianna Oliver and Mark Manley.

Oliver doesn't have her website working yet, but Manley does. I'm familiar with Manley's work in the local peace and impeachment movement, so I'm inclined to support his candidacy. However, in the spirit of fairness, both candidates' websites will now be featured in the "Links" section of this blog.

The primary election is July 29th.

Netroots for the Troops

Click the link to read about an ambitious project to send 101 care packages to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US government, despite spending billions of dollars on two ill-conceived wars, isn't giving our troops such essential items as work gloves, phone cards, or even socks and underwear. If you can, give something. If you want to, promote this on your own blog.

Dobson vs. Obama on "the Bible"

I'd link to this story, but it's an AP story, and apparently they don't want people doing that.

The jist of the story is that James Dobson (of "Focus on the Family"), that great authority on what constitutes an "abomination" in the sight of God, has accused Barack Obama of having a "fruitcake" mentality about the Bible. Obama had the audacity to suggest that, even if we declared this a Christian nation, and we expelled every non-Christian from America, we would still have an argument about whose Christianity should rule. He said some other things, but I fear that paraphrasing more of the article might get me in trouble with the AP, so you'll have to just go look it up yourself.

Here's the point. Obama should just ignore Dobson. He shouldn't suggest meeting with Dobson to talk about religion. He shouldn't legitimize Dobson's theofascist organization with any kind of comment. The answer to this whole argument is very si…


I have an uncanny ability. There can be one mosquito in a room of 50 people, and it will find and bite me. As a bonus, I'm allergic to the little bastards, and their bites turn into horrible, itchy welts that I scratch into plague-like lesions.

Last night my partner and I took the dog for a nice walk along the river. I had had some hope recently that something had changed, and maybe I was no longer quite so succulent, because I've had very few mosquito bites thus far this summer.

Sadly, they were just waiting for the right time to pounce. This morning, I woke up and found at least 3 or 4 lovely new mosquito bites.

I will bet you money that my partner didn't get any. I haven't asked him yet.

I hate mosquitoes. I really, really hate them.

JStreet's new ad in the New York Times

They have a point.

Cancer Schmancer Comedy Jam

Description: Rina Fitria has Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, which is cancer in the lymph nodes. Rina was a student at Oklahoma State University before cancer interrupted her course work. She is only twenty-one years old. The cost of the bone marrow transplant is $180,000. Rina and her family must come up with the funds themselves before the transplant can be provided.

To help with the cost the Nightingale Theater is putting on "Cancer Schmancer Comedy Jam", an Improv Benefit Show. There will be different troupes all coming together for one night to raise money and have a fun in the spirit to help Rina. The show is free but we will be accepting donations.

Troupes performing include:

Laughing Matter
Sac O’ Silly
The Spontaniacs
Old Crow Players
OSU Improv
Super Ovum
Date: Friday, June 27, 2008
Time: 10:00pm-11:59pm
Category: Improv or Stand-Up Comedy
Company: Various
Location: Nightingale Theater
Reservation Required: No
For Mature Audiences: No
More Information: http://www.orgs.…

Monday loldog

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Apparently George Carlin died. That's sad.

Tulsa Humane Society has cat crisis

There are more cats that need adoptions than spaces available at Tulsa shelters, and the problem is only getting worse.

A cat is a wonderful addition to any home. If you have space in your home for a furry friend, consider adopting today!

more cat pictures

Sinister announces Left Handed Candidates

Sinister now has its own ActBlue page - Left Handed Candidates. Our first endorsement will of course go to Andrew Rice. Look for more worthy candidates to be added to the page soon.

Please use this resource (or heck, use any of the other ActBlue pages that have been set up by Kos and others) to give to Andrew Rice.

Kos endorses Rice

DailyKos has endorsed Andrew Rice as part of the "Orange to Blue" fundraising effort. Great news - Senator Rice can definitely use the exposure and the financial help as he tries to bring down Inhofe.

Happy Friday

The Real McCain

Straight talk? Only if by "straight" you mean a zig-zag that doubles back on itself quite a few times.

James Bond's drink

Last night for the first time I made myself a "Vodka martini - shaken, not stirred."

And let me tell you, James Bond knows what he's talking about. It was delicious! I think that's my new favorite drink!

For some reason, there's going to be an outage on Blogger in about an hour.


Is it November yet?

Streets bill delayed over widening bickering

The $2 billion package to fix Tulsa's streets hit a snag (I refuse to say it hit a pothole) over the issue of street widening projects included in the bill.

According to the article, these are the widening projects included in the bill:

They include 81st Street South from Sheridan Road to Memorial Drive, Mingo Road from 71st Street South to 81st Street South, 91st Street South from Memorial Drive to Mingo Road, 81st Street South from Harvard Avenue to Yale Avenue and 91st Street South from Harvard Avenue to Yale Avenue.

Ok, let's take a look.

81st from Harvard to Yale is one lane in each direction, but it's hardly ever congested. 81st from Sheridan to Memorial could do with another lane in each direction. Mingo from 71st to 81st I'm not that familiar with, but I think it probably gets somewhat congested with Mall traffic. 91st from Harvard to Yale probably needs another lane also. I don't really know a lot about 91st from Memorial to Mingo.

But here's the cru…

Vote for Andrew Rice in Barbara Boxer's List

Dear Friend,

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) is launching her PAC for a Change's 2008 "Choose a Challenger" contest. It's a great opportunity for us to help decide which Democratic Senate challenger the PAC for a Change online community will support next. The winner of our online contest will be featured in a fundraising email to PAC for a Change's entire online community, potentially adding tens of thousands of dollars to his or her campaign war chest this fall -- going a long way towards helping us build a stronger progressive Senate majority in 2009 and beyond.

I hope you'll join me and vote in the "Choose a Challenger" contest before the June 25th deadline. Click on the link below to cast your ballot!

Andrew Rice is in the running here - vote for him!

Hope in Gaza?

Hamas and Israel have agreed to a truce to begin Thursday morning. The first phase of the truce is a simple cessation of violence and a "partial reopening of Gaza's borders." The second phase may see movement on the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev said: "Words are important, deeds much more so.

If indeed we see an end of hostile terrorist attacks from Gaza into Israel, if indeed we see the end to the Hamas military build-up inside the Gaza Strip, if indeed we see movement on the issue of our hostage Gilad Shalit, then of course it'll be an entirely new situation.

Here's some more good news - Hamas and Fatah appear ready to talk:

Mr Yousef said that the aim now was to push ahead talks on a prisoner exchange, as well as a new round of talks in Cairo between the rival factions of Fatah and Hamas.

A delegation from Fatah has already traveled to the Gaza Strip from the West Bank for talks with other party…

Not Alex

New ad by and AFSCME:

Powerful ad.

Breaking down some polling

I've been looking at this site, which compiles recent presidential polls and puts them together into a projected electoral map. The site currently has Obama up 317 electoral votes to John McCain's 221.

One thing you learn when you do campaign work is that if you can keep your opponent below 50%, you have a shot, no matter what else is going on.

According to's map, of the states in which John McCain is ahead of Barack Obama, he is at or above 50% in:

Idaho - 4 EV
Wyoming - 3 EV
Utah - 5 EV
South Dakota - 3 EV
Nebraska - 5 EV
Oklahoma - 7 EV
Texas - 34 EV
Tennessee - 11 EV
Kentucky - 8 EV
Alabama - 9 EV
Georgia - 15 EV
Arizona - 10 EV

These states combined represent a total of 114 electoral votes. Those are the states that McCain can definitely count on in November.

Obama is at or above 50% in the following states:

Maine - 4 EV
Vermont - 3 EV
Massachussets - 12 EV
Rhode Island - 4 EV
Maryland - 10 EV
Washington, DC - 3 EV
New York - 31 EV
Illinois - 21 EV


According to, summarizing a NY Times article, here's a summary of McCain's positions vs. Bush's positions:

McCain agrees with Bush: Iraq, Iran, health care, gay marriage, abortion
McCain used to disagree, now agrees: tax cuts, torture
McCain used to agree now disagrees: immigration
McCain always disagreed: climate change, limiting nuclear weapons

Here's a quote from the original article:

A look at Mr. McCain’s 25-year record in the House and Senate, his 2008 campaign positions and his major speeches over the last three months indicates that on big-ticket issues — the economy, support for continuing the Iraq war, health care — his stances are indeed similar to Mr. Bush’s brand of conservatism. Mr. McCain’s positions are nearly identical to the president’s on abortion and the types of judges he says he would appoint to the courts.

Keep repeating it, kids - A McCain in the hand is worth a third term of Bush.

10 reasons why gay marriage is wrong

Kossack posts a list of reasons why gay marriage is wrong. I think I may have a problem with one of these - I mean, I regularly wear eyeglasses, polyester, and mixed-fabric clothing...

Mazel Tov and Mad Props

Mazel Tov to all of the wonderful same-sex couples enjoying California's newly minted marriage equality starting today. This has been a long time coming, and I know that if my partner and I lived in California, we'd be first in line.

Marriage equality is not a wedge issue. I've said this before, and I stick by it. It's not a wedge issue for those of us being wedged by it. And half-measures like civil unions or domestic partnerships or "legal arrangements" just won't cut it. If we can have all of those things, why can't we have the M word? Give me one good reason that isn't based on religious bias. Hell, give me one good reason that a) isn't based on religious bias, and b) doesn't sound like the same arguments used to stop interracial marriages. Come on. I dare you.

Fair use? AP cracks down on bloggers

A blog has been served with "Take Down" notices based on the Digital Millenium Copyright Act demanding that he remove several blog entries because they quote and/or link to snippets of AP articles and comment on them.

If bloggers aren't allowed to snip / link to news articles and then comment on them, that's going to put a huge chill on the exercise of free speech in the blogosphere. Hell, snipping news articles and commenting on them is a huge part of what a blogger does. I do it all the time. Most people would argue that such activities are the very definition of the "fair use" doctrine, but apparently the AP now feels that "fair use" only applies if you pay for the privilege.

I'll be following this story pretty carefully, since it affects what I do and what a lot of bloggers do pretty profoundly. I'd suggest every other blogger keep an eye on this story as well.

Ask Senator Feingold to add Andrew Rice to his list!

Senator Russ Feingold has a slate of Senate candidates that he has designated "Progressive Patriots," and he wants you to vote for one of them for his organization to support. He's missing a very important name: Andrew Rice! Please click the link in the post title and ask Senator Feingold to add Andrew to his list!

To be a Progressive activist

I wrote this piece for my Netroots Nation scholarship application. The question was, "What is a Progressive activist?"

Someone who understands that we all live in a society, and that we're all dependent on each other. That, despite what the libertarians will tell you, the free market doesn't solve all ills, and a strong social safety net is necessary to fill the gaps. That, despite what the social conservatives will tell you, this country was founded on principles of liberty and equality, and that doesn't just mean for white, heterosexual Christians. That, despite what the neocon hawks will tell you, the world isn't divided into "us" and "them," but that we're all an interconnected global community, and to ensure the survival of the human race, we must use all means necessary to promote peace and social justice worldwide. That, ultimately, none of us are better than the least of us.

If you like this blog, please click the link and suppo…

Monday loldog

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How the crap did this happen?

How did this humble blog become #1 "most influential blog" on BlogNetNews Oklahoma?

Thanks, I guess.


Sheesh - tomorrow's Monday, isn't it?


I'm voting Republican

This video is everywhere, and now it's here, too:

A day in the life

This is gonna be a long post, but it's worth it.

First of all, here's a day in the life of a middle-class Republican:

Joe gets up at 6:00am to prepare his morning coffee. He fills his pot full of good clean drinking water because some liberal fought for minimum water quality standards. He takes his daily medication with his first swallow of coffee. His medications are safe to take because some liberal fought to insure their safety and work as advertised.

All but $10.00 of his medications are paid for by his employers medical plan because some liberal union workers fought their employers for paid medical insurance, now Joe gets it too. He prepares his morning breakfast, bacon and eggs this day. Joe’s bacon is safe to eat because some liberal fought for laws to regulate the meat packing industry.

Joe takes his morning shower reaching for his shampoo; His bottle is properly labeled with every ingredient and the amount of its contents because some liberal fought for his right to know …

Checking a name off of McCain's list

Fox News has also changed their line-up. They canceled John Gibson's not-so Big Story, and, more recently, they bumped E.D. "Terrorist Fist Jab" Hill. They also added Karl Rove, scheduled a new show for O'Reilly fill-in, Laura Ingraham, and just today announced that failed Republican presidential candidate, Gov. Mike Huckabee, would be their newest political contributor.

Well, if the folksy fascist is going to be on Faux Noise, then I guess he won't be McCain's running mate.

I think that's good news, actually. Fuckabee's folskiness might have been able to humanize the corpse of McCain enough to make this a tight race in November. Then again, he could also have weighed McCain down with far-right baggage and made the independents run screaming to Obama. In any event, it's probably academic at this point. Not just because with this move, it looks like the Huckster's not going to be on the ticket, but because Obama is going to sweep this thing.

Stunning pictures of Iowa flooding

Iowa Kossack posts some truly shocking pictures of the flooding in Iowa.

On the Kos front page right now, another article on the flooding discusses how the increase in storm strength and frequency across the country is related to climate change:

Several readers have asked if this flooding is due in part to climate change. Short answer, yes, it could be a factor. A good analogy is that climate change and storm intensity are like loaded dice and rolling snake-eyes. You can't say that a specific storm, or roll, would not have occured had it not been for climate change, or loaded dice. Only that the frequency of intense storms, or snake eyes, is greater. But regardless, the end result on our aging infrastructure is the same:

Experts say the increasing frequency of severe storms and flooding is undermining the integrity of aging levees, bridges and dams that were not designed to withstand the water flow and pressure that contributed to destruction like that at Lake Delton.

This cat looks a lot like my cat.

more cat pictures

RIP Tim Russert

Apparently Tim Russert just died of a heart attack. That's a shocker. He was only 58.


Ok, yes, it's Friday the 13th. I've got my zombie repellent at the ready.

Happy Friday

Boy I can really relate to this song:

Kos posts OK Senate poll results

Kos (himself!) has posted a thorough look at the Oklahoma Senate race. It doesn't look great right now - Rice needs to work like a dog to up his name recognition, but with enough attention and effort, we could just pull this off.

Next steps

Ever since I graduated college, I've been searching for something meaningful and important to do with my life. I've done a lot of very interesting and challenging things, but none of them have really led anywhere. Long story short, I'm working on getting myself out of a rut.

I had been thinking for a little while that I might go back to school for a Master's degree in linguistics, or perhaps go to Rabbinical school, or something else. At some point, the idea of becoming a school counselor came up, and it piqued my interest. That, I thought to myself, was something I could do.

Eventually, the conversation about being a school counselor evolved, and I found myself intrigued about a different angle: becoming a public school teacher. I'd never really considered that possibility before. The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.

And so, a few weeks ago, I began the process of applying for the Alternative Certification to become a public school teacher.…

OKC ranked last on list of 50 cities best able to cope with high gas prices

CNN story about how both OKC and Tulsa are having trouble coping with high gas prices due to the lack of public transportation and historically long commutes. Here's something I didn't know:

City Manager Jim Couch says that at 627 square miles, Oklahoma City has the third greatest land mass of all U.S. cities.

Tulsa is also pretty spread out. Here's a major problem:

Karlenzig said that while nearly 55% of New Yorkers take public transit, the rate in Oklahoma is closer to 2%.

The article does stress that both OKC and Tulsa are working on improving public transportation options, but emphasizes that any significant changes are "years away."

Fight the Smears

Barack Obama has started a website to document and refute vicious smears against him. There's a lot of crap flowing around these here Internets.

I'm not even sure why I'm justifying this with a response

This right-wing blogger called Fried Green Onions has a problem with me saying that during his lime green speech, John McCain looked as stiff as Hayden Christiansen playing Anakin Skywalker, only 100 years older. But he doesn't say why he has a problem with me doing so, except some rant about "ancestor hate" and something about "flambe preachers." Now, I'm not one to douse preachers with cognac and set them on fire, so I'm not sure what he's going for here. Also, he seems to think McCain fought in World War II.

Oh, and just for the record, FGO, I'm not Christian, nor do I believe, as you seem to, that only Christians practice what is in their "best interest."

Thanks for playing. Your consolation prize is a copy of "How to Present a Coherent Argument for Dummies." Please study it.

Supreme Court Sides With Guantanamo Detainees

Great news - the Supreme Court has essentially restored habeas corpus for the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. I'm glad the Roberts court got this one right - makes me hope that they'll get other stuff right in the future.

Hump Day

more cat pictures

I'm sure there's a lot going on in the world right now on which I could be expounding. For example, John McCain's startling assertion that it "doesn't matter" when the troops come home, and the Obama campaign's brilliant rebuttal to said statement. Or perhaps Kucinich's articles of impeachment being referred to the Judiciary Committee. Or maybe I should discuss blue dog Dan Boren's shrewish attitude toward Barack Obama.

Eh, I dunno.

Anyone have anything to discuss?

Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment

Because this isn't being covered on any news stations, here's a link to a DailyKos diary listing Dennis Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment that he presented on the House Floor today. These won't go anywhere, but you still need to know that this is happening.

Olbermann eats Billo's head

According to a Daily Kos story, which quoted a press release:

MSNBC continued its ratings surge last week, with viewers flocking out of the "No Spin Zone" and to "The Place for Politics." For the first time ever, MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" was the #1 show at 8 p.m., out-drawing Fox News's "O'Reilly Factor" head-to-head among Adults 25-54. This is the first time since June 2001 that MSNBC has out-rated "The O'Reilly Factor" at 8 p.m.

Excluding Tuesday's primary coverage, "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" averaged 477,000 A25-54 vs. 472,000 for the "Factor."

MSNBC also out-drew Fox News Channel for the week in primetime (June 2-8, M-F, 8-11 p.m.), averaging 496,000 Adults 25-54 vs. 449,000. This is the first time MSNBC beat FNC for the week in primetime since Feb. 25, 2008, when MSNBC telecast exclusive coverage of the Democratic candidates debate. Prior to that, the last time MSNBC be…

McCain will veto beer?

John McCain hates beer. Now I really can't vote for him.

New electoral vote widget

Thanks to, Sinister now features a widget that will update daily with the current projected Presidential election results (according to that site, and as with all polling data, it should be taken with a grain of salt). So far it looks pretty damned good.

Monday loldog

In honor of the upcoming film, The Dark Knight,

see more dog pictures

but I suppose the more important question is, "Why is it Monday?"

Yes we can.

Hats off to Hillary for a great unifying speech. Hats off to Obama for an historic victory.

Now let's put our hats back on and get to work defeating McSame in November.

Gov. Henry tells Sally Kern to shove her religious indoctrination bill

Gov. Henry vetoed Sally Kerns' "religious tolerance" bill today that was opposed by everyone and their dog. The bill was a sneaky way of saying "students can believe whatever the hell they want and teachers can't discriminate against those students who refuse to believe in evolution, gravity, physics, etc," among other things.

Thank you, Governor Henry.

Happy Really Late Friday

Sorry this post is late, but I just got back from Dallas where I was seeing this guy in concert:

He was incredible.

MSNBC interrupts McAncient to announce Obama as presumptive Dem nominee

MSNBC had to interrupt McCain (snore) to announce that they were calling the race for Obama.

I love it.

God, McCain was so stiff, so bloody old, so bloody ...Hayden Christiansen as Anakin Skywalker...only like 100 years older.

We're gonna smoosh 'em.

BREAKING NEWS: Clinton tells N.Y. lawmakers she's open to being Obama's VP candidate

Banner on MSNBC right now.

Yep, it's over.

BREAKING: AP Calls it for Obama

The Associated Press is calling the race for Obama:

The tally was based on public declarations from delegates as well as from another 15 who have privately confirmed their intentions to the AP. It also included 11 delegates Obama was guaranteed as long as he gained 30 percent of the vote in South Dakota and Montana later in the day. It takes 2,118 delegates to clinch the nomination.

Other news outlets are not yet following suit.

Or not.

Terry McAwful says "nuh-uh."

Breaking: It will officially end tonight.

Hillary is expected to concede tonight, according to campaign officials.

Now, let's get in line and start working to defeat Mark of Cain in November.

The end of the Hummer?

GM is closing several truck and SUV plants and considering killing the Hummer.

That's damned good news. There is absolutely no reason why anyone needs a military-grade monster truck to drive the kids to soccer practice. Especially when that truck gets like 5 gallons to the mile.

Here's what I like about the article:

[GM CEO] Wagoner said the GM board has approved production of a new small Chevrolet car at a plant in Lordstown, Ohio, in mid-2010 and the Chevy Volt electric vehicle in Detroit.

Wagoner announced the moves in response to slumping sales of pickups and SUVs brought on by high oil prices. He said a market shift to smaller vehicles is permanent.

Fantastic news.

Link to story about Sunday's storms

Tulsa World story about the storms that slammed Tulsa on Sunday morning. I was right in the middle of them. As I said, we lost power, because a power line snapped behind our apartment building. AEP, lovely company that they are, have now taken more than 24 hours to get the power line off the ground. To get a POWER LINE off the GROUND.

We should have started burying the lines after the December ice storm. That should have been the point at which we said "ok, having these lines up in a city that's prone to ice storms and high winds and tornadoes is an exercise in idiocy."

But because of a lot of things, rich people in Maple Ridge who didn't want a small ugly utility box in their yards, the fact that AEP is a private monopoly whose primary concern is not line maintenance but profit, and, well, those two things in particular, it didn't happen.


Midtown can't handle another multi-day blackout.

Monday loldog

A message to the power company (or the rich fucks in Maple Ridge who whined and stopped AEP from burying the power lines):

see more dog pictures

Getting a little tired of storms

In a hotel tonight. Had a power line break behind our apartment building. We don't know when the power will be back on.

If only our lovely corporate overlord power company monopoly wasn't so bloody corporate, overlordy, or monopolistic.

Or, you know, they could BURY THE FUCKING LINES.