Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm not even sure why I'm justifying this with a response

This right-wing blogger called Fried Green Onions has a problem with me saying that during his lime green speech, John McCain looked as stiff as Hayden Christiansen playing Anakin Skywalker, only 100 years older. But he doesn't say why he has a problem with me doing so, except some rant about "ancestor hate" and something about "flambe preachers." Now, I'm not one to douse preachers with cognac and set them on fire, so I'm not sure what he's going for here. Also, he seems to think McCain fought in World War II.

Oh, and just for the record, FGO, I'm not Christian, nor do I believe, as you seem to, that only Christians practice what is in their "best interest."

Thanks for playing. Your consolation prize is a copy of "How to Present a Coherent Argument for Dummies." Please study it.


  1. FGO is the most ridiculous rightwing blogger I've ever seen. At first I thought he was a parody of a wingnut--you know, like Colbert. But no, he really is ignorant...can't think, can't spell and appears to live in thrall to an intolerant, hateful version of Christianity. His political arguments are the desiccated, laughably stupid leftovers of the Limbaugh crowd. He lurks around my site, too. I give him the attention he deserves: none.

  2. I kind of picture FGO as a crotchety old guy with a shotgun on his front porch screaming, "Get off my lawn!"