Tuesday, June 17, 2008


According to electoral-vote.com, summarizing a NY Times article, here's a summary of McCain's positions vs. Bush's positions:

McCain agrees with Bush: Iraq, Iran, health care, gay marriage, abortion
McCain used to disagree, now agrees: tax cuts, torture
McCain used to agree now disagrees: immigration
McCain always disagreed: climate change, limiting nuclear weapons

Here's a quote from the original article:

A look at Mr. McCain’s 25-year record in the House and Senate, his 2008 campaign positions and his major speeches over the last three months indicates that on big-ticket issues — the economy, support for continuing the Iraq war, health care — his stances are indeed similar to Mr. Bush’s brand of conservatism. Mr. McCain’s positions are nearly identical to the president’s on abortion and the types of judges he says he would appoint to the courts.

Keep repeating it, kids - A McCain in the hand is worth a third term of Bush.