Monday, June 2, 2008

Link to story about Sunday's storms

Tulsa World story about the storms that slammed Tulsa on Sunday morning. I was right in the middle of them. As I said, we lost power, because a power line snapped behind our apartment building. AEP, lovely company that they are, have now taken more than 24 hours to get the power line off the ground. To get a POWER LINE off the GROUND.

We should have started burying the lines after the December ice storm. That should have been the point at which we said "ok, having these lines up in a city that's prone to ice storms and high winds and tornadoes is an exercise in idiocy."

But because of a lot of things, rich people in Maple Ridge who didn't want a small ugly utility box in their yards, the fact that AEP is a private monopoly whose primary concern is not line maintenance but profit, and, well, those two things in particular, it didn't happen.


Midtown can't handle another multi-day blackout.