Thursday, September 18, 2008

This is getting really bad for McCain.

Apparently John McCain doesn't even know who the Prime Minister of Spain is.

So McCain is the candidate with the foreign policy experience ready to lead on day one. But he doesn't know who the leader of Spain is. He gets confused in an interview, apparently thinking Zapatero is someone from Latin America who is an enemy of the United States and manages to create a minor international incident.

Um, hi? This is a guy who wants to be the Commander in Chief, and he can't even identify the Prime Minister of a close European ally?

I mean, I've heard of a meltdown before, but McCain's campaign is suffering a Chernobyl-style chain reaction disaster of mega-gaffes.

This election is over.


  1. As if it matters who the president of Spain is or isn't. Nobody cares.

    As opposed to B Hussein Obama who wanted to invade Pakistan.


  2. I'm getting more and more curious about the fact that the less your candidate seems to know about the issues that matter in this campaign, the more stuff you righties have to catalog as "doesn't matter."