Thursday, September 18, 2008

Right-wing blogger goes back in time to complain about something.

The rarely lucid far-right blogger known as Fried Green Onions has really outdone himself this time. He posted this article from WorldNetDaily, presenting it as something that just happened:

Protesters outside the California State Capitol yesterday urged Gov. Gray Davis to veto four bills that would provide for "tolerance" field trips and curricula.

The rally in Sacramento, which attracted about 350 people, is the last stop of Campaign for California Families' week-long "Stop the Insanity" Tour, which has made its way through several cities, including San Diego, Los Angeles and Fresno. Most of the rallies took place outside Davis's district offices.

Now, those who know something about recent California history will immediately see a problem here.

Jeopardy question:

This actor replaced Gray Davis as California governor in a recall election several years ago.

Who is....?

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This article, that FGO is presenting as something that is happening "now," was published in 2000.

Nice one, FGO. Next you want to urge me to tell my legislators to punish those responsible for the recent riots at the Stonewall Inn?