Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ten Wizards who found themselves in sci fi

Interesting article that shows how a "wizard" can show up in an ostensibly science fiction universe. Of note - The Doctor is included, which I agree with. Terry Pratchett, an author I really like, has said explicitly that Doctor Who isn't sci fi. I agree. The Doctor is a wizard, and his sonic screwdriver is nothing more than a magic wand. Even the softest sci-fi should have some semi-consistent rule set that establishes the boundaries of the universe in which it is set (think Star Trek and the rules for warp drives; think Dune and the mechanics of spice mining and the culture that develops around it). Doctor Who really doesn't have that.

Having said that, I love the hell out of Doctor Who - I think it's always a fantastic romp and lots of fun to watch. I've been watching all of the new series over again recently. I think of the three new doctors - and I'm going to catch hell for this - I like Matt Smith the best of all. Tennant had his own kind of charm and wonderfulness, of course, but Matt Smith is capable of taking the Doctor to some really dark places, giving the character some needed depth and intensity that I don't think Tennant ever really achieved.