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Debate impressions

As I suspected, Obama is stuttering, unfocused, and rambling. Clinton is together, she is focused, she is concise. Obama's got a real weakness in debates, and it could be a serious liability.

Still, I have to admit that I'm swept away a little bit by the historic nature of this whole thing. For the first time in over 200 years of American history, the two major candidates of one party are a black man and a woman. This is a huge change in American politics. A huge change. And I think that's really going to make this whole election cycle a dynamic, energetic, and quite frankly amazing experience. This cynical progressive idealist can't wait to see what happens.

The official Sinister endorsement

Sinister is officially endorsing Hillary Clinton for President.

The truth of the matter is that this blogger has not always liked Hillary Clinton. I found her too calculating, too politically manipulative, and I doubted the authenticity of what she claimed to represent. At this point in the campaign, those criticisms must take a back seat to the larger question of which candidate will best represent the Democratic Party and stands the best chance to take back the White House in November.

It is clear that Barack Obama has a lot of passion and a whole lot of charisma. Unfortunately, his political track record is very thin, and I think he's going after this nomination eight years too early. His political missteps on the trail, especially his inclusion of an “ex-gay” preacher on his gospel tour, whom he refused to remove after it was revealed that the preacher in question thought of homosexuality as a sin and an abomination, combined with his seeming naivete in foreign policy matt…

Hillary gets the Sinister endorsement

Officially, finally, and irrefutably.

Hillary Clinton is best prepared to take on John McCain in the fall. She's got the most experience, she's good on the stump, and she's good in debates. Obama is not good in debates, and that could be a real achilles heel. I'll do a fuller statement later.


Now Edwards is dropping out.


Giuliani to quit race, endorse McCain

Well that's good news - we got 9iu11iani out of the race. Bad news is that we really don't want McCain as the Repug nom...

I had fully intended to post a detailed report on the Edwards event, but I just spent 2 hours auditioning for a TV show, so I'm a little drained at the moment.

By the way, I got the gig - I'm now in a late night cable access sketch comedy show called Biopsy Playhouse. It should be interesting...

Edwards in Tulsa

Quick post because I'm at work. I just saw John Edwards speak, and I think he won me over.

Two reasons:

1) His health care plan includes mental health parity and an end to pre-existing conditions.

2) He talked about free college tuition at state schools for high school graduates who agree to work 10 hours a week.

And I've decided to forgive him for 1) being an hour late and 2) not taking questions.

I'll post some pics and a more detailed report later.

Good GOD Objectivists are insane

"To save lives, legalize trade in organs."

This from the Ayn Rand institute. They're arguing in favor of legalizing buying and selling human organs on a free market basis. Are these people serious??

I've read a lot of Rand's work. She's an eloquent writer, for a psychopath.

Sinister now on the front page of Google

Go on, google Sinister. You'll find us there on the front page.


John Edwards to campaign in Tulsa on Tuesday

At the TWU union hall at 8:45 AM. I think I'm going to have to try to make a trip out there for that.

I'm still split between Hillary and Edwards. Tomorrow I'm helping with a phone bank for Hillary.

Ok, here's the deal

This presidential race is driving me batty. I hate that Hillary and Obama are beating the crap out of each other. It's bad politics, and it's bad for the Democratic Party. However, astute readers of this blog will recognize that I predicted exactly this kind of thing happening, and I hoped that Edwards could use the bickering to rise up and look like a civilized alternative. The problem is that this is such a heavily media-influenced campaign, and the media has refused to take Edwards seriously. Plus, Edwards has a money problem that can't be ignored.

However, here's another wrinkle. It looks now like neither Hillary nor Obama will lock up the nomination on February 5th, and Edwards might be able to get enough delegates to play "kingmaker" at the convention. That might swing me back towards voting for Edwards.

The other problem, however, is that I really do not want Obama as our nominee. I'm sorry, but I really dislike the guy. That might mean th…

Kucinich out

Well, I wish him the best as he moves on to another term in Congress. I know in a recent post I gave an endorsement to Hillary, but I reserve the right to change my mind if John Edwards does well in South Carolina and Florida. If that happens, Edwards gets my vote back. God, I'm fickle.

YAY! day

I like this idea from Bill in Portland Maine, a Daily Kos diarist who does the column "Cheers and Jeers." This is from his Friday C&J:

"America to celebrate YAY! Day festivities on Sunday

Everything on Sunday is cancelled except drinking, debauchery, merriment and football. I'm declaring it a national holiday.

Sunday, January 20th, will mark one year until Bush and Cheney leave office. Just think: every calendar day that passes from Sunday on will be the last one they serve as president and vice president.

January 21st will be their last January 21st.
March 18th---the day we invaded Iraq---will be their last March 18th.
May 1st---"Mission Accomplished" day---will be their last May 1st.
June 20th---"Last throes of the insurgency" day---will be their last June 20th.
September 2nd---"Heckuva job, Brownie" day---will be their last September 2nd.

Date after date will pass, never to again exist under the dark cloud of this greedy, crony-filled, in…

National Jewish Democratic Council report on McCain

I received this note from the NJDC today:


“ ... the Christian right has a major role to play in the Republican Party.”
- John McCain [New York Times, 4/3/06]


McCain stated that a candidate’s Christian faith is "an important characteristic" for a president, that he would prefer a Christian president and that the "Constitution established the United States of America as a Christian nation." Furthermore, despite criticism, a statement from his official campaign spokeswoman defended the comments and said again, "America is a Christian nation, and it is hardly a controversial claim." [The New York Sun, October 1, 2007].

McCain has voted two-thirds of the time against bills supported by Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. [Project Vote Smart]

McCain took back his 2000 comments…


If the elections keep going this way, I may end up voting for Hillary. Never thought I'd see the day...

Here's why: Obama lost my vote when he featured an "ex-gay" preacher on his Gospel tour, and when confronted by it, didn't apologize, but instead shoved a gay preacher onto the top of the bill in a spot where he was largely ignored.

If my vote counts on Feb. 5th, and it's clear Edwards isn't going to pull it out, and it's down to Hillary vs. Obama, well, shit, Hillary gets it.

Here's something else:

Over the past few days, Hillary has "won me over." That is, if I had had no preconceived opinion about her before this last week, and I was an undecided voter, she would have convinced me to vote for her based on her debate performance and on her "humanizing" moments that got so much coverage. I think she's really turned a corner here. That's impressive. I have to give her credit where credit is due.

Really, though, if y…

Gay divorce

Interesting article on the complications that same sex couples have to deal with when trying to divorce. It's another example of how DOMA and the lack of federal recognition for same sex marriages leads to a separate and unequal system that unfairly complicates and hurts gay and lesbian couples.