Tuesday, January 8, 2008


If the elections keep going this way, I may end up voting for Hillary. Never thought I'd see the day...

Here's why: Obama lost my vote when he featured an "ex-gay" preacher on his Gospel tour, and when confronted by it, didn't apologize, but instead shoved a gay preacher onto the top of the bill in a spot where he was largely ignored.

If my vote counts on Feb. 5th, and it's clear Edwards isn't going to pull it out, and it's down to Hillary vs. Obama, well, shit, Hillary gets it.

Here's something else:

Over the past few days, Hillary has "won me over." That is, if I had had no preconceived opinion about her before this last week, and I was an undecided voter, she would have convinced me to vote for her based on her debate performance and on her "humanizing" moments that got so much coverage. I think she's really turned a corner here. That's impressive. I have to give her credit where credit is due.

Really, though, if you look at the debate on Saturday - Hillary kicked ass, and Obama looked slightly uncomfortable. We need a nominee who is both good on the stump and good in the debates - and that ain't Obama.

I feel badly for Edwards - he worked his ass off for this nomination, and he's nowhere.

And you know what, I love Kucinich to death, but if the Feb. 5th primaries are gonna matter, which it looks like they are, then I need to cast a vote that'll matter.

Thus, with gritted teeth and a forced smile, Sinister hereby gives its endorsement to Hillary Clinton.