Friday, January 25, 2008

Ok, here's the deal

This presidential race is driving me batty. I hate that Hillary and Obama are beating the crap out of each other. It's bad politics, and it's bad for the Democratic Party. However, astute readers of this blog will recognize that I predicted exactly this kind of thing happening, and I hoped that Edwards could use the bickering to rise up and look like a civilized alternative. The problem is that this is such a heavily media-influenced campaign, and the media has refused to take Edwards seriously. Plus, Edwards has a money problem that can't be ignored.

However, here's another wrinkle. It looks now like neither Hillary nor Obama will lock up the nomination on February 5th, and Edwards might be able to get enough delegates to play "kingmaker" at the convention. That might swing me back towards voting for Edwards.

The other problem, however, is that I really do not want Obama as our nominee. I'm sorry, but I really dislike the guy. That might mean that I have to vote for Hillary.

With all of this confusion and uncertainty, it is impossible, at this time, for Sinister to stick to an endorsement of any candidate. The only thing I can do is to give a strong anti-endorsement to Obama. Vote Hillary or Edwards, that's all I ask.