Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Preliminary debate notes.

-McCain is pissed off. I expect to see steam coming out of his ears. The problem is, he isn't making any damned sense about anything. He's stringing together words into sentences, but he's leaving out the information that would make the sentences make sense. In addition, he's made a few major gaffes. One that comes to mind immediately: he confused Justice Alito with Justice Breyer. What?

-As usual, Obama is calm, cool, and collected. He's looking at the camera, which is almost creepy, but effective, and he's just calmly doing his thing. Obama is letting McCain stew in his own inanity, and he's only attacking when he's attacked directly. It's an approach that I think will work very well. Obama is not on the defense, however - he's turned McCain's attacks around on many an occasion. I liked when he talked about his associations - cleared up the Ayers and ACORN situations and then said, "Ok, let's see who I associate with - Warren Buffett, Dick Lugar, Joe Biden, etc." Very effective.

-We are watching the end of the McCain campaign tonight. That's it. He's done. He actually made a complete ass out of himself tonight, and that's not going to help him in the next few weeks.