Friday, October 31, 2008


Alright, then, let's talk scary movies.

My favorite scary movie is The Ring, and of course the Japanese original, Ringu.

LMAO - Randi Rhodes just asked if Halloween is a socialist holiday because everyone redistributes candy.

Love it.

Anyway, scary movies. The Ring scared the pants off of me in a way that no other movie has ever done. If you haven't seen it, you should. Go rent it tonight. It's perfect for Halloween.

Here's a taste:

What's your favorite scary movie?


  1. Right now my fave scary movie is "The Strangers" - it works well on a psychological level; very creepy. The notion of random, meaningless violence (or even the threat thereof) is something that tends to freak out us humans, who tend to be meaning seeking creatures.

  2. The Haunting (1963). Period.

    "Whose hand was I holding?"

  3. I will agree with James that The Strangers was quite nice, especially, well you know the scene in the house. In the top of my list I would have to go with Miike's Audition. Of course the scariest film of all time is probably High School Musical. Hmm difficult, I watch horror to unwind and relax, because one doesn't have to think: the fear is so obviously mirrors of societal problems. Check out "Masters of Horror" or for you gore lovers: top in the past ten years at least and quite anayltically deep as well: L'intérieur, which is basically the idea upon which The Strangers is based. Liv Tyler is just so funny in that film, I mean she spends the whole film looking strangly intrigued and scared at the same time, she probably wrapped after a day on set.