Thursday, July 24, 2008

BlogNetNews Oklahoma Editor: Will I be objective?

Here's how I'm going to operate as Oklahoma editor of BNN.

1) I will be objective in evaluating blogs for inclusion, be they rabidly conservative or frothingly liberal.

2) The only criteria for inclusion are as follows: your posts must be at least somewhat coherent, and your blog must have been active (meaning, regular posts) for at least 30 days.

3) No blog may be removed from BNN for any reason except for inactivity (about 3 months without a post). No matter how much I dislike a particular blog's point of view, I will not delete it.

I freely admit to a left-wing bias in my own politics, but when I took on the task of being editor, it was because, as a civil libertarian, I believe in promoting free expression.

It is, therefore, somewhat fitting that the first blog to seek admission after I became editor was a very conservative blog, one with whose politics I will likely disagree strongly.

Thus, to the conservative Oklahoma bloggers who are part of BNN or want to be a part of BNN, please be assured that I will exercise my duty as editor in an unbiased manner, because, were a conservative blogger to be named editor, I would expect no less.

This does not mean that as a private blogger I will stop criticizing right-wingers when they say something stupid. It's just that I won't stop them from saying it.