Thursday, May 8, 2008

My letter to the Tulsa World re: Grey's Anatomy

Dear Editor,

I would like to commend ABC Television. Tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy dealt with a sensitive and controversial issue in a very real and uncompromising manner. The storyline revolved around a gay soldier whose boyfriend, also a soldier, comes to visit him in the hospital where he is awaiting experimental brain surgery. They have to hide their affection from their commanding officer, and from the patient's father. However, the nature of their love for one another is made abundantly clear when they are left alone in the room, and they share a very passionate kiss. It is rare to see such an authentic portrayal of a gay relationship on network television, and for such a relationship also to intertwine the insanity of the military "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy in such a frank manner is very impressive. Our military is stretched so thin in Iraq and Afghanistan that criminal waivers are being granted on a daily basis allowing convicted felons to serve openly in combat, while competent and badly needed Arab interpreters are discharged simply for being gay. This television episode will no doubt bring a lot of hate mail and angry phone calls from homophobic people both within and outside of the military community. I for one want to make sure that above the din of hate there is heard a sincere round of applause and a hearty "Bravo!"