Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

For those who missed tonight's episode, you missed a truly groundbreaking piece of television.

There was a plotline about a gay soldier whose boyfriend comes to see him in the hospital where he is waiting to have experimental brain surgery. The two have a very real, very intense kiss, at which point the patient's father comes in and throws the boyfriend out. The patient accepts this in an attempt to protect the boyfriend's military career, and in the process, sacrifices his own last moment with his boyfriend. It's poignant, it's real, and it deals with the pain, the heartache, and the utter insanity of DADT.

Bravo to Grey's Anatomy for addressing this issue in such a blunt and real manner. I'm sure they'll be getting a lot of complaints from military homophobes, but I'm going to give them a huge round of applause. It was such a departure from the sanitized, family-friendly, asexual portrayal of gay life seen in Will & Grace, and I'm happy to see it on network television.

The next step, of course, is for the show to feature a regular gay character and/or relationship. I don't know - something might be brewing between Callie and that one doctor...