Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lieberman backs McCain

Unbelievable. Just simply unbelievable. This guy is such a Republican piece of crap, and now it's just blatantly out there in the open. Bad Jew! Bad Jew! No latkes for you this Chanukah! Bad!


  1. I'm going to repeat what I said over on Sooner Thought on this story...

    "If Lieberman thinks that McCain is the best person for the job, why shouldn't he (Lieberman) endorse him (McCain)? How have we gotten to the point when stepping away from the party line is a “betrayal”? Come to think of it, there were tons of liberals who praised McCain because he did not follow the GOP party line. So it is okay for a Republican to break ranks but not for a Democrat? That makes no sense."

  2. Liberals liked McCain when he challenged Bush on the war and on torture. As soon as McCain decided that wrapping his lips around Bush's butt was the best thing he could possibly do for his presidential campaign, liberals lost all respect for him.

    Lieberman has never been a good Democrat, and I suppose this endorsement is just a further reflection of that.

    Look, it's not my job to be fair and consistent about who can betray what policies of what party. I have particular partisan views that I want to promote, and if a politician does something counter to those views, I'm going to call him or her out, regardless of party or other factors. If a politician does something that I like, I'm going to praise that politician. It's that simple.

    In this case, I was calling Lieberman out because he still claims to be a Democrat (an "independent" Democrat) while sliding further and further to Zell Miller's wing of the party. It wouldn't surprise me if he spoke at the RNC convention next year. That's a problem for me.