Tuesday, August 9, 2005

You threatening my masculinity? Fine! Watch me buy this SUV, hate gay people and support the war!

A Cornell study has shown that men overcompensate when their "masculinity is threatened" and become more likely to buy a big burly SUV, support the war in Iraq and express homophobic feelings.

"In a separate study, [researcher Rob Willer] verified that support for the Iraq War, homophobia and interest in purchasing an SUV were all considered masculine by study participants."


  1. People like to overcompensate, according to Freud. These views, though, have been disproven if I am not mistaken.

    BUT, it's not that they were not true to begin with, they have become true because of the culture. We now view items like penis envy, overcompensation, and Oedepis complexes as real concepts, so they become such.

  2. Ah, no matty sorry

    Overcompensation as a psychological symptom is still very much valid. Talk to your local psychologist. It is simple logic, if one's personality is threatened one will compesate for that threatening by strengthening the aspect of one's personality which one feels are being threatened. So, if a man is emasculated as a defense mechanism he will turn to those activities and viewpoints which will make him feel more masculine, whatever they may be.

    Basic psychology Matty.

  3. Eh, not a psychologist. Just know basics from the one course I took...and know most of Freud's theories have since been debunked.

  4. You don't "debunk" a psychologist, he's not a psychic. Freud is not widely followed, but tell that to a Freudian. The thing is, Freud's theories are still respected and even followed by some psychologists. The man is the father of psychoanalysis, he certainly isn't ignored. We still very much use Id, Ego, and Superego to talk about personalities. There are many theories which are widely respected today, like compensation, that are built on Freudian ideas.