Saturday, January 1, 2022

Hire me to write for you!

Hello Sinister readers...

So, 2021 happened, am I right?  *waits for awkward laughter masking existential dread and a vague yet oddly familiar sense of ennui*

What am I up to, you ask?  

I'm working on building a client base for my new freelance writing enterprise.  

If you're interested in having me write for a project of yours - anything, really - drop me a line at or just fill out the form that's right over there *points.*  I'm flexible on rates, but if you're paying a pittance, I'm likely to say no.  Some things I can do:

-Write anything
-No, really
-Except for screenwriting - I mean, I'm sure I can, but I never have before, so it'll take some research.
-Ok, you demand examples?

-Website landing pages
-Email marketing copy
-You know, writing.

Are you here because you might want to hire me but you're weirded out by all the "sinister" talk on this blog?  Fair enough.

Why sinister?  Well, it started as a kind of private joke - I'm left-handed, and being left-handed makes one sinister.  Dexter is right, sinister is left.  Ambidextrous means you're able to write well with both hands.  Ambisinister means you can't write well with either hand.  Hey, that's not fair.  Tarring us sinister folks with handwriting incompetence?  Not cool.  Also, "bend sinister" is a thing in heraldry that denotes bastardry.  Again...hey.  Not cool.  

Yes, it's completely tongue-in-cheek, but I'm taking back the word sinister.  Is it unprofessional? Maybe.  Did it get your attention?  Also maybe.  What I offer as a writer is a unique perspective guided by a brain that might see the world differently than you do.  A sinister mind is a creative mind - a mind that can see beyond the conventional and warp it slightly to make it a little weirder - and therefore, maybe give it a little more oomph.

Read my work.  See if you agree that a sinister perspective makes for a unique writing product.  While my blog's title might be tongue in cheek, I take my writing very seriously.  I'm a deadline ninja and a perfectionist with grammar.  I know SEO and all that jazz, and I believe that whatever your project is, I can take it and zhuzh it up a little.    

Onward, sinister soldiers.  Here's to a 2022 that isn't 2022-much.  See what I did there?  

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