Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New writing exercise/game! - "Random Object Generator"

Alright- new game. Give me the name of a fictional object. Just the name. For example, "Whirling flooper." I will then describe said object in a hopefully clever and amusing paragraph. For example, "A whirling flooper is a tool for untangling twisted lengths of garden hose using an electromechanical application of the time-tested method of just flinging the damned hose around and cursing at it until it untangles itself."

Another example:  "Wheel rats. Wheel rats were a briefly innovative solution to the age-old problem of having to replace all four tires at once on an all wheel drive vehicle. Wheel rats would be placed inside of each tire and would be trained to automatically patch any punctures with a special sticky solution that they would excrete from special glands that had been genetically engineered into their forepaws. Unfortunately, all wheel rats quickly suffocated and died upon placement into the tires, which rendered the whole experiment pointless and led to the expensive problem of having rat corpses bouncing around your tires, which then had to be replaced anyway because ew. "

Whatchoo got?

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