Friday, February 17, 2012

My letter to NJ Gov. Chris Christie

Governor Christie,

I am disappointed and saddened by your decision to veto the hopes and dreams of thousands of loving New Jersey families.  Your stand in favor of marriage discrimination smacks of crass politics and rigid ideology.  What, precisely, do you object to?  If two people love each other unconditionally, and want the right to get married, what right do you have to designate what combination of genitals they must have in order to enjoy that right? 

My husband and I were married in California, but thanks to Proposition 8, no other same-sex couples who love each other can have that right.  We have a "domestic partnership" in Oregon, which isn't the same thing as marriage in any way.  Marriage is about love and commitment, and no other word expresses what marriage expresses.  Rights should be expanded, not restricted.

You are on the wrong side of history, and this veto won't help your inevitable run for President in 2016, or your veep hopes for this round.  America is moving beyond marriage discrimination.

I look forward to the election of your Democratic opponent when you are next up for re-election.


Ethan Jones