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September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So, get yer parrot & your peg leg and shiver the heck out of some timbers.

Here's some music you should listen to - combining the greatness of pirates with the funky awesomeness of Steampunk.

Abney Park used to be "goth," but their last three albums have been sweeping, imaginative, steampunk visions (with some occasionally cringe-worthy lyrics, but overall, they're quite fun to listen to). They're airship pirates - roaming the sky in a zeppelin, terrorizing the post-apocalyptic neo-Victorian landscape with goggles and clockwork stuff.

Speaking of Steampunk, I'm currently reading The Difference Engine by William Gibson (and someone else). It's pretty dense, technical, and not easy to get into, but I'm digging the alternate history stuff. Essentially, the premise of the book is that Babbage's "analytical engine" becomes the primary driver of the Indust…

Why I don't want to buy a house

I've been thinking a lot about the notion of buying a house. Yet, the more I think about exactly what's involved in buying a house, the sheer amount of money, the pitfalls, the nightmare of paperwork, the more I wonder whether it's really worth it.

Now, I don't know everything about what it takes to buy a house. I probably know very little, and so a lot of what I'm going to be pointing out may be easily refutable or just plain incorrect. However, what I want to convey is an impression – an impression gleaned from the news, from discussions with people, from my general absorption of what information is "out there" about buying a house. And I wonder how many other Americans in my position have a similar impression about buying a house, and who are holding back for similar reasons- and whether the housing market isn't bouncing back because of those fears. And finally, I want to know whether it's possible, and how, to convince me and those who thi…

Star Trek celebrates 45 years of boldly going.

(Link in post title). 4-part interview and article on the occasion of Star Trek's 45th Anniversary.

I'm an unabashed Trek fan. I'm neither a trekkie nor a trekker, because I refuse to get into a silly debate over proper labels, but I've seen nearly all of the movies and TV series, with the exception of the animated series and Enterprise. Trek had a profound effect on my love of sci-fi - the unmitigated joy of adventure and exploration of what's "out there."

Live long and prosper. Indeed.