Sunday, September 18, 2011


September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So, get yer parrot & your peg leg and shiver the heck out of some timbers.

Here's some music you should listen to - combining the greatness of pirates with the funky awesomeness of Steampunk.

Abney Park used to be "goth," but their last three albums have been sweeping, imaginative, steampunk visions (with some occasionally cringe-worthy lyrics, but overall, they're quite fun to listen to). They're airship pirates - roaming the sky in a zeppelin, terrorizing the post-apocalyptic neo-Victorian landscape with goggles and clockwork stuff.

Speaking of Steampunk, I'm currently reading The Difference Engine by William Gibson (and someone else). It's pretty dense, technical, and not easy to get into, but I'm digging the alternate history stuff. Essentially, the premise of the book is that Babbage's "analytical engine" becomes the primary driver of the Industrial Revolution, and the computer age comes 100 years early. Intriguing stuff - conditionally recommended because I've only just started reading it.

Anyway, arrr and whatnot.