Thursday, August 4, 2011

Multiple universes?

(Link in post title). A study has "found" evidence of four possible "alternate universes." These things apparently exist in a region of our universe so far away that it would be impossible for light from them to get to us, and impossible for us to travel to them. To me, that doesn't sound like an alternate universe, really. The fact that they're "really far away" from us doesn't necessarily make them really far away from somewhere else in our universe. A planet a billion light years from us, but clearly still in "our universe" might be quite close to these "alternate universes."

To me, an alternate universe suggests a region of space-time separated from our universe by some kind of barrier, or maybe a region of space-time slightly out of phase with us. Of course, the major theory of alternate universes has to do with the notion that each decision an individual makes creates a new timeline, and each timeline is its own universe. Thus, alternate universes are more about time than they are about space.