Saturday, November 28, 2009


Home stretch now. I should hit the 50,000 mark tomorrow. Very exciting. The novel won't be done, but I'll have completed the overall task. I will have shown myself that I can write a damned novel, and I can do it in a month, even while having a job and a life. This whole process has been pretty incredible, a real learning experience, a resounding "PROBABLY" to the question of whether I have what it takes to try to be a serious writer, to make it a career, to put myself out there and write material that I can send out to be published.

One thing I have learned is this. If, during this month, I had been able to devote my time solely to NANO, it is entirely possible that I would have finished this novel in two weeks. Not just the 50,000 words - finished the novel. With the pace I was writing, with the solid story that I had to work with, with the creative juices pouring out of my brain, this story would have written itself very, very, quickly, given no other distractions.

That says something.