Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breaking: Obama to address joint session of Congress September 9th on health care

If he's not crystal clear about the need for a strong public option, and if he doesn't address, condemn, refute, and/or ridicule the far right fringe astroturf propaganda groups terrorizing the American people with images of Hitler and Stalin, and if he doesn't demand that Congress pass something now, and if he doesn't chastise the Republicans (and Blue Dog Dems) in Congress who simply refuse to vote for any reasonable reform bill, then this speech will not accomplish anything.


  1. If Obama doesn't take a strong stand for the public option, it will accomplish one thing:

    electing a lot of Republicans in 2010

  2. Absolutely true -unless Progressives can remove their mouths from the diseased genitals of the Democratic donkey and maybe form a new party that can get shit done.