Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In case you're wondering, President Obama

This moment is where you lost my vote in 2012. I've had enough of giving you the benefit of the doubt. I live in a swing state now, and my vote actually counts.

I'm re-registering as an independent.

You want my vote back, Mr. President?

1) Repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell
2) Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act
3) Come out strongly in favor of marriage equality, anti-discrimination laws, workplace protection laws, and adoption equality laws.
4) Apologize for Donnie McClurkin and Rick Warren.
5) Apologize for allowing your words to be used to pass Prop H8.

That's not a menu of choices, Mr. President. Do all five, and you'll have my vote back. Do anything less, and I'm finding another candidate.