Friday, December 12, 2008


The economic crisis is hitting everyone. Millions of people lost their jobs this year, and if we don't fix this, millions more will lose their jobs next year.

My partner and I have been lucky thus far, both being in jobs that don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Mine is probably more precarious, as the telecom industry is certainly not recession-proof, but I know I could find another job pretty quickly if this one went away.

The problem we're having, and I know this is a really minor problem compared to what everyone who has been laid off is going through, is that we are planning to move halfway across the country in January. Doing so successfully requires us to find jobs there. With everything that's happening to the economy right now, I just don't know how possible that's going to be. We've both put in dozens of applications, and we've gotten barely a nibble. I have a couple of good prospects, and a couple of interviews set up with staffing agencies when we get there. Once we get there, however, we have approximately two weeks to solidify everything.

I hope we can do it. Moving to Portland will really improve our quality of life, allow my partner to go to a decent school, and allow us to get a legal domestic partnership and have legal protections against discrimination. It'll also improve our health, because we'll be walking more and taking public transportation.

But if we can't find jobs, the move won't happen, and we'll be stuck.

That's how the recession is affecting us. We haven't lost our jobs, but we also might just be stuck.

And if the auto companies fail, then we'll probably be stuck for quite some time to come.

Call the White House. Demand that before they leave, the Bush regime do at least one thing right, and bail out the damned auto industry. The failure of the Big 3 will devastate an already badly damaged economy, and that's not good for anyone.