Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reaction to the "shoe incident" from an American student living in Germany

Someone I know who lives in Germany sent me this:

I am an american, a white male, not an arab, etc. and I cannot praise Zaidi enough for what he did. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever watched; one is tempted to use the word Catharsis, in its modern sense, because he finally acted upon what the world feels towards Bush. No matter how Bush may spin it, the Iraq War has destroyed so many lives, destroyed human rights as we understood it, disregarded all international law, etc. while the Western Governments did nothing to stop him. In many ways, studies and reports show, Iraq is a humanitarian wasteland. Those heavy boots flying across the room were the world ripping Bush out of his Neoconservative padded office and into the reality of what the majority of the world feels and will never be able to express. This rage and anger at Bush it was causes people to organize and attack, but for that brief second as the boots were in the air, there was a tangible sense of release and satisfaction. Also Mr. Zaidi, who has evidently been mistreated, will put a spotlight on the corrupt and inhumane penal and justice system in Irak: nothing more than a continuance of the Sadam status quo. I do fear greatly for the life of Mr. Zaidi in the hands of the Iraqi police/militia and think that if Bush or more accurately Maliki, it is hard to tell the puppet from the puppetier, must release him or their credibility as leaders and reformers of Iraq and its newfound western ideals of personal rights and freedoms will be completely invaliated.