Friday, December 26, 2008

Interesting. Oklahoma Lefty and FGO are both wrong.

Oklahoma Lefty has this as a "Quote of the Day:"

“If people look only to their own interests, our world will certainly fall apart.”
-- Pope Benedict XVI

and follows that with an "AMEN!"

Fried Green Onions responds with this little gem of insight:

If people would look out for their own interests. [sic] The world would be a better place.

Pope Benedict's seemingly altruistic quote hides a viciously bigoted agenda that equates the "threat" of homosexuality with the threat of rainforest depletion. So, by looking out for interests beyond himself, he's actually looking into my personal life and telling me I'm a threat on par with the destruction of thousands of acres of rainforest.

FGO's quote, which boils down to "mind your own business," is not one that FGO is fond of following. In fact, much like Pope Benedict, FGO enjoys peering into my bedroom window and telling me I'm an abomination. If he truly were "minding his own business," then surely he wouldn't be so concerned about what rights my partner and I should have, since we don't know him and aren't connected in any way to his life.

I guess it's just interesting that both of these bloggers profoundly misunderstand the reality of their respective quotes.