Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ztruth and FGO are terrified of a tiny little hammer & sickle.

Poor, poor, deluded righties. Scared of a little hammer & sickle. Scared of their own looming irrelevance in the face of an overwhelming rejection of their tired, backward, bigoted, and idiotic ideas. Scared of the coming Revolution.

I watched that Faux Noise video that ZTruth posted. The Soviet flag was raised for like a second, and then there was a clear indication that someone forced it out of the picture. I'd say someone got a little bit silly during the rally and then someone else told him the Communist flag wasn't appropriate. But of course, Faux Noise has to exploit it for all it's worth, because as we all know, Obama is a secret Muslim who goes to an anti-American Christian church, and he's also a communist socialist fascist terrorist. Or something. Did I get that right?

God, you morons are going to get a lot of carpal tunnel syndrome if you have to fanatically post and repost each other's screeds every time President Obama does something that makes you fear for the soul of the theofascist vision of America you so desperately long for but will never achieve.

Seriously, this is what you've got? Some drunk idiot waving a Communist flag at an Obama rally?

I don't know. To me, the Confederate flag is a little more offensive than the hammer & sickle. And I see that waved at Republican rallies all the damned time.

Come on, comrades. You have nothing to lose but your chains. Join the Party and let Comrade Hussein Obama lead you to glory!