Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Liveblog

Ok, here we go. Stay tuned for updates.

7:33 PM So far McCain's chances are razor thin. He's already lost New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, and Indiana and Virginia are too close to call. Florida looks like it's going to be an Obama win soon.

Shit, I'm calling Florida for Obama at this point. 89% in and about a 4 percent margin?

7:35 PM - That fucker Inhofe has just been called. Bleah.

7:37 PM - Georgia & Alabama called for McCain. That's fine.

7:40 - Chuck Todd enjoys writing the word Bush?

7:40 - I have been handed food. Taking a break.

8:00 - Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Rhode Island, all called for Obama. Doy.

Come on, gimme Virginia and Ohio.

Ok, Arizona has just been declared "too close to call!" Wow. That's McCain's home state. Bad news for the big mac.

8:15 - I haven't really been following the Oklahoma races, but it is my understanding that I voted for the loser in all of the major races. Ah well, no surprise there.

8:30 - OHIO CALLED FOR OBAMA!!!!! That, my friends, is the ballgame. Unless something CRAZY happens.

8:30 - NEW MEXICO CALLED FOR OBAMA!!!! Booyah!!!!

8:52- Next update when the next set of states called.