Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vote NO on the "Street Fixing" proposals.

The current street fixing proposals on the ballot this November won't fix the streets. The Tulsa City Council got cold feet and decided not to put on the ballot the $2 billion proposal that actually would fix the streets. The current proposal would actually leave us worse off 5 years from now than we are today. It's a giant waste of taxpayer money, and it won't solve anything. Vote NO. Tell the City Council that we want real solutions to the city's street crisis.

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  1. ...driving on Oklahoma's roads leads me to believe that they stopped fixing them about 30 years ago, but kept taxing Oklahomans anyway just in case.

    With the money they collect in taxes for roads already... they could build all new roads about every 5 years... instead they use if for "other" things, brother-in-law deals and slush fund cash.