Sunday, October 5, 2008

Quick grammar lesson

One of our conservative friends seems to have difficulty telling the difference between a plural and a possessive. Since he's made this mistake on more than one occasion recently, here's a little refresher:

Gaffe's: Something belonging to a gaffe.
Gaffes: More than one gaffe.

Here endeth the lesson.


  1. well thank you very much sin. It's quite a compliment that a simple apostrophe was the only error you could find in all my posts. While your posts are probably grammatically correct I'm sure, as far as content... prolly not so much.

  2. Oh, so you're the one. (Did I sprinkle the curlyque in the rite spot?)

    How about counting? One would think that is easier than, say them damn curlyques.

    I don't mean like physics and shit, but like counting to...well... how about three? Can ya do it Red? Computer say's naaah.

    Here is red, gently scolding all us libs on Iraqistan, point by point:

    Try to follow along... I'll make it as simple as possible.

    1- Al Qaeda declared war (Jihad) on the US and launched attacks repeatedly against the US for more than a decade before 2001, including under the Clinton administation. The first world trade center and the USS cole bombings just to name a couple.

    2- Saddam Hussein (one of the most brutal dictators on the planet) increased his efforts to aquire nuclear weapons, defied weapons inspectors and the UN, violated the no fly zones and payed suicide bombers to kill innocent civilians in Israel. President Clinton defined Iraq as a serious threat to the US and world peace saying the regime must be removed by any means required. (Iraqi Liberation Act)

    2- September 11, 2001: Al Qaeda carries out plan to fly Airliners into the World Trade Center Twin Towers and the Pentagon killing over 3,000 innocent Americans. Osama Bin Laden claims credit for Al Qaeda for the attack. The world changed. The war changed. We changed.

    3- U.S. launched attack on the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan

    Yup, can't even count to three.

    I continually go through his posts pointing out his idiocy in the comments. My latest is where he points out Obama has been "palling around with..."

    Of course Palling is in Bavaria, Germany, where Charlemagne created germany and france and was the father of Europe. Stop them Mother fukkin' Presses!!!

    Dudes an idiot. Wait, shouldn't I have sprinkled some curlyques in there sumwheres?