Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Heartbreaking story of someone falling through the cracks

A Kos diarist explains why she's about to lose everything, all because she got sick and lost her job.

Still think the 'free' market will provide? This diary should put some doubts in your mind about that little theory.

I have survived this far on a bit of savings. I've been frugal and managed to make those savings last for almost a year. However, those savings would have barely made a dent in providing for medical testing which is what I needed most. The choice was always; do I pay the house payment or do I lose the house and go to the doctor. I no longer have a choice.

Along with my savings, I receive a decent amount of child support each month. Having both child support and savings caused me to be ineligible for any form of governmental assistance. Unfortunately, most of you realize that child support alone cannot provide for the monthly bills.

I am ineligible for unemployment benefits because I am unable to return to work unless I receive medical care and get better.

There is no help to be found for me and my son that I am aware of. I've been turned away from the programs that are supposed to provide a leg up to those who need it.

Only if you have ever experienced needing a leg up will you realize how easy it truly is to fall through the cracks that exist in the programs the Republicans feel are leading us to socialism.