Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hank the Republican proposes redistribution of idiocy

Certain right-wing bloggers are trying to take the idea of "redistribution" (ooh what a scary scary concept) and apply it to other things. Ooh, what if we redistributed grades to make them more fair? Oooh what if we redistribute this or that?

Hey, what if we redistribute all of our country's wealth to the richest 5%, and then borrow zillions of dollars from China to pay for it? Oh wait, we did that already.

Look, you peckerheads. Obama isn't going to redistribute anything. Chances are, you're going to get a tax cut under Obama's tax plan. Unless you right wing bloggers are making over $250,000 a year.

The only redistribution of income Obama is talking about is changing the tax code back to where it was under President Clinton. Do you remember the 1990s? The economy was pretty damned stable. We had something unheard of: a budget surplus!

I might add that McCain opposed the Bush tax cuts Obama wants to repeal. That is, McCain opposed them until he started running for President.

God. I'm tired of the right wing idiocy in this state. I really am. Chances are most of the right wingers in this state are working or middle class, and they've been duped by Faux Noise and right wing talk radio and fundamentalist preachers into buying an extreme right wing political ideology that does not serve their own interest. The only people served by the kind of extreme conservatism that these bloggers spout are military contractors, CEOs, and millionaire televangelists. That's it. The bloggers are blogging against their own self-interest, because they've drunk too much of the poisoned kool-aid to know better.

I might also point out that I'm incredibly insulted by Sarah Palin's attempts to pander to Jewish seniors with her scare talk about Obama meeting with a PLO leader.

Um, idiots. Do you know who the PLO is? The PLO is the government of the Palestinian territories. They're the "good guys" over there. At least, they're the most reasonable, moderate force, and we've officially negotiated with them on many, many occasions. So, um, Obama meeting with a member of the Palestinian government? I'm not so worried about that. It might just mean that he's serious about the peace process.