Monday, October 6, 2008

Brief explanation of this weekend

My partner and I went to San Diego this weekend for my new nephew's Bris (Jewish rite of circumcision). It was a wonderful trip. While we were there, we took the opportunity to get married. It was a pretty incredible experience. Nationwide, marriage equality might be a long way off, but the fact that we were able to stand in front of a county official and legally validate the equality of our relationship really meant a lot.

As of right now, our marriage is recognized in California, Massachusetts, and New York.

My current theory is that our California marriage will be legal nationwide when the following things happen.

1) Obama is elected along with a big Democratic majority in Congress.

2) Said big Democratic majority repeals the Defense of Marriage Act, restoring the Full Faith and Credit clause of the Constitution and immediately allowing same sex couples to file joint Federal taxes.

3) Some combination of litigation and legislation invalidates the state amendments barring marriage equality, and those states that have no such amendments will immediately recognize marriage equality.

I'm going to e-mail Lambda Legal and see if they can give me a clearer answer on how that whole process will work.

Californians and those in favor of marriage equality should go here and give money to the Vote No on 8 campaign.