Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Thoughts on Praline's speech.

1) Um, there was absolutely ZERO policy in that speech. The speech was all about fear - fear of the terrorist bogeyman, fear of Obama, fear of an untested Presidential candidate, fear of higher taxes under Obama (a lie), fear of bigger government under Obama (another lie). No mention of how to fix the economy, the war, health care, trade, international relations, not even a mention of how often the White House lawn will be mowed. Sheesh.

2) They actually brought the daughter's baby daddy out on stage? Isn't there a line between accepting the reality of an unfortunate situation and celebrating it - a line that someone who is so concerned with "family values" should recognize?

3) Oh, McCain, nice "surprise appearance" at the end there. Where have I seen that before?

4) The delegates cheered at everything Praline said. Especially the meaningless panders and nonsensical attacks on Obama.

5) We cannot elect this ticket to the White House. If we do, very bad things will happen. Praline is not ready to assume the Presidency, and McStain is too old and has too many health problems to take a chance on such an untested Veep.

6) I refuse to make an item number 6 out of protest over having wasted 30 minutes of my life listening to that drivel.