Monday, September 15, 2008

A Note to MSNBC.

So there I was on MSNBC's website, scanning the headlines. I saw this story that looked interesting. The headline:

Your walk may reveal more than you think

Ok, thought I, this is going to be an article about walking and personality. Perhaps it's a psychological profile of people who have certain kinds of distinctive walks. Perhaps they're going to tell me that walking a certain way might reveal health problems.

But no.

I clicked on the article, and I was confronted with:

A woman's stride indicates how easily she can orgasm, researchers claim


Alrighty then.

That wasn't really where I thought the article was going to go, based on the headline. Now, I'm no prude. But I do prefer it when the headline of an article describes adequately the content of the article. A more appropriate headline for this article might have been:

A Woman's Walk Might Reveal Orgasm Potential

Such a headline would serve two purposes:

1) It would adequately describe the contents of the article, and

2) It would alert me to the fact that I probably don't want to read it.

So thanks for the eye-opener, MSNBC.