Tuesday, September 9, 2008

In the spirit of fairness

Here's a story from factcheck.org with a different take on the enigma that is Sarah Palin.

According to factcheck.org, several of the rumors out there about Palin are not true.

For example:

-Sarah Palin did not try to ban books from the library; she merely asked a "rhetorical question" of the librarian, fired her, and then rehired her the next day.

-Sarah Palin did not cut special needs education funding.

-Sarah Palin did not push for teaching creationism alongside evolution in Alaska schools; she merely said "teach both" in a debate and then clarified her remarks later by saying that creationism didn't have to be "part of the curriculum."

If factcheck.org's findings are accurate, then obviously those of us who spread these stories were mistaken.

However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about Palin's record.

-Why did she charge the people of Alaska a per diem rate for living at her own house while she was governor?

-Why does she still insist on lying about being against the bridge to nowhere?

-Why did she lie about selling her plane on Ebay?

-Why does she insist that rape and incest victims should be forced to have their attacker's baby?

-Why did she not speak out when a guest speaker at her church said that Jews were the victims of terrorism because we refuse to accept Jesus?

-Why did she call the Iraq war a "task from God" and ask parishioners at her church to pray for a pipeline?

-Why was her husband a member of a political party whose leader has expressed hatred of America? Why did she speak to the same political party's convention on repeated occasions?

-What, exactly, qualifies her to be President of the United States, besides the proximity of Alaska to Russia, and being mayor of a town the size of a condo board, followed by 20 months of so-called executive experience governing a state with fewer people than Dallas, Texas?