Friday, September 5, 2008

Hypocrisy from the "hypocrites"

Stan Geiger agrees with OK-PNS that we on the left are "intolerant" because we have the nerve to criticize Sarah Palin.

And I quote:

It’s amusing to us to witness the party of diversity, tolerance, smores and Kumbaya, stumbling all over themselves as they try and tear down Governor Palin and her family. Anyone with a semblance of objectivity could see that Palin hit a bases loaded, walk off home run last night with her acceptance speech at the Republican convention

Here's my response.

It's amusing to me to witness the party that would seek to impose a narrow, bigoted, and theocratic morality on everyone in America fall all over themselves demanding that Sarah Palin's family be granted the same freedom and privacy that these same right-wingers would deny me and my life partner - and that these same right-wingers consistently deny to the Obama family. If these wingnuts were at all consistent, they would judge Palin's family decisions with the same moralistic hammer they use to shatter everyone else's rights.

In simple terms, Bristol Palin had the right to make the same choice that her mother seeks to take away from every other woman in the country. If that's not the sickest definition of hypocrisy, then I don't know what is.

In addition, the right wing chose to attack Barack Obama's family background and upbringing in a vicious, despicable, racist, and libelous manner. To my mind, that means Sarah Palin's family and background is fair game.