Monday, September 22, 2008

Georgianna Oliver for CD-1

Georgianna Oliver's campaign sent me an e-mail fundraising solicitation this afternoon. I had been feeling pretty cynical about that race because I hadn't heard much of anything about it in quite some time, and I worried that we were in for another token race in which Sullivan would just cruise to victory.

I shot an e-mail back expressing my frustration that I hadn't heard anything from the campaign, basically saying that if I was going to give them my money, I had to be sure that it wasn't wasted.

To my very pleasant surprise, the candidate herself sent me back an e-mail explaining that while the campaign had had trouble getting media coverage, there are television commercials airing and volunteer activity is ramping up. Oliver's website has also been updated since I last looked at it - she has a blog that is updated fairly regularly.

Stay tuned for more news from Oliver's campaign. Now that I know that there is indeed life there, I'll be providing coverage of the race. I want to see Sullivan defeated, and this district has had too many bitter disappointments over the years.