Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Complete (?) Sarah Palin

Randi Rhodes has a good summary of Governor Palin:

She knows nothing about Foreign Policy - YOU know more about Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia and Pakistan than she does!!

She thinks Alaska should [secede] from the “union”

She was FOR the Bridge to No Where until she was against it

She campaigned for indicted Senator Ted Stevens

She knows nothing the American Credit Crisis, Free Trade, Immigration, Economics, Foreign Policy, National Security, Education, Health Care, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, North Korea or China.

She is under investigation for abuse of power (she had her brother in law State Trooper Wooten fired during a custody battle with her sister)

She was a sportscaster, a city councilwoman and mayor of a town with less than 10,000 people before she was elected Governor almost by default

She now claims “13 years of Elected Experience”

She claims to have MORE experience than Barack Obama and Joe Biden

She has served less than 2 years as Governor

She did not campaign with John McCain

She did not know John McCain

She hunts from airplanes

She is a radical Christian Right Winger who obviously does believe in choice “Bristol CHOSE to have her baby”

She thinks the Pledge of Allegiance was written by the Founding Fathers Francis Bellamy (1855 - 1931), a Baptist minister, wrote the original Pledge in August 1892. He was a Christian Socialist

She brought the issue of ABORTION into the Wasilla’s “Mayor” race (a non partisan job that pays $68K/year)

Her mother in law won’t vote for her.

She doesn’t know what the Vice President “does all day”

She has a son who won’t take a photo with her, a 17 year old daughter who is pregnant

She stayed in Texas determined to “give a speech” at the Governors Conference AFTER her water broke prematurely with a high risk pregnancy

She is married to a guy who had a DUI

She doesn’t believe Global Warming is real

She doesn’t believe in Evolution

She would be a heartbeat away from being the Commander in Chief of the most awesome military and nuclear arsenal on the planet

I think there are some somewhat heated discussions happening somewhere in McCain land....