Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thoughts on night two

1) How was Mark Warner the "keynote" speaker? His speech was sandwiched between several other speakers, and very little distinguished it from the other speeches. His speech was a cascade of platitudes, and it was easily forgettable.

2) MSNBC was more interested in yakking than in covering the convention. C-SPAN ran all the speeches in their entirety, but every time I switched back to MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann and David Gregory were yakking about something or other and drowning out the speakers. The one exception was the Clinton speech.

3) Hillary's speech was exactly what it needed to be. She was forceful, strong, passionate, and as politically honest as she is capable of being. I don't think anyone can really criticize much in this speech - it was pretty damned good. A lot of good zingers - including the line about the Twin Cities / John McCain/Bush being awfully hard to tell apart. Chris, Keith and Rachel Maddow all agree it was a knockout speech. Great line about Harriet Tubman, great "ask yourself why you were in this campaign" bit. She kicked ass.

4) The whole evening was about tearing down McCain - the repeated refrain was "we can't afford 4 more years" hammered over and over again. The Dems played a lot of good offense against the other team. Even James Carville, what a dick he is, should be satisfied with how strong this evening's attacks were.