Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sign the petition for more open primaries and voting laws

The Independent Movement has a petition on its site:

We the undersigned independent-minded voters, want to change our political process so that our elected officials act in the interests of the American people, not the political parties nor the special interests that control them.

We recognize that despite the vast increase in voter participation this year, and the enormous momentum for profound political change, business as usual will continue in Washington unless we have a clear plan to reform our electoral process.

Therefore, we urge you to publicly support the following political reforms:

1. Non-partisan redistricting (an end to gerrymandering!) to stop politicians of both parties from drawing non-competitive district lines.

2. Extending open primaries from 31 states to all 50, allowing independent, non-aligned voters to vote in the first round of voting.

3. Removing obstacles to voter registration by permitting Election Day Voter Registration, online registration and other reforms to increase voter participation, particularly among young Americans.

I support this effort wholeheartedly.