Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Night three - preliminary thoughts

1) The roll call vote was interesting - I like how Clinton did the whole acclamation thing to stop the vote and declare Obama the nominee. I feel a little bit bad for those states after New York - those delegates didn't get to spend 5 minutes yakking about their state, saying "The home of bleah and blah and whatnot." I kind of wanted to hear the Oklahoma delegation. Ah well, whatever works.

2) Bill Clinton hit all the right notes and hit them hard. He made it clear that Obama is ready to lead on day 1, and he got in some great jabs against McCain.

3) That's as may be, but I'm sorry, so far, the award for kickass speech of the night goes to, of all people, John Kerry. His speech was incredible. Why wasn't he like that in 2004? The tribute to Obama's uncle was touching and authentic. That's a true hero - someone who liberated a concentration camp. I have no idea where this Kerry came from, but like I said, he was nowhere to be found in 2004. Right on, Senator.